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This is one packet of herbs that is good for 2 sessions only use half bag in boiling water enough to fill your yoni seat.  

Ingredients:Motherwort, rosemary, mugwort, lavender, calendula, rose petals, Chamomille flowers, Juniper, Peppermint leaves

Includes: 2 Yoni Steaming Session

Benefits: Used by women for centuries  to support:

                   Hormonal balance
                   Vaginal cleansing
                   Increased blood flow

Directions: You may steam at your convenience please prep yourself with a shower first so that you may enjoy the fresh steam detoxing your pours after you have cleansed.  

Usage: Remove herbs from the bag. Pour herbs into steaming water (110-115 degrees F or 43-46 degrees C) from boiling water into our Yoni Steaming Seat. Let the steam soothe your vaginal area. Be careful to avoid burns. Do not fill water to top of seat so it may touch skin.  Once water temperature reduces and it is safe to touch. 


Warning: Do not use this product while pregnant, breastfeeding, utilizing intra-vaginal birth control (IUD, etc.). Do not use if you are experiencing any issues with tubal ligation clips or while doing in-vitro fertilization. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Consult a doctor before use.

Recommendation: Use together with our Yoni Seat and always follow with our Yoni Oil for complete satisfaction.